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Water for LIFE is an organization that has been drilling wells for clean water in third world countries for over ten years. In the past ten years, a staggering amount of clean water has been produced through the drilling of fresh water wells. With more than 4000 wells now in use, each serving an average of 1000 people, the estimated number of changed lives reaches 4 million.

Estimates suggest that nearly 1.5 billion people lack safe drinking water and at least five million people die each year due to waterborne illnesses secondary to a lack of clean drinking water. 1.5 million of these are children below the age of five years old.

The average cost of each well is $4800. Each well provides water for an average of 1,000 people or more. This means that a child can receive a lifetime of clean water for as little as $4.80.

Water wells not only restore health, but they revive entire communities. Where death once reigned through waterborne disease, life overcomes and gives hope for the future.

Trey's foundation has a mission to help bring life to others through providing fresh, clean, drinking water for villages of third world countries where waterborne illnesses are a major contributory factor to death of children especially younger than five years old. His younger sisters have decided that they would like to make necklaces to help raise money to accomplish this goal. As we considered what stones to use, we wanted there to be a symbolic quality to the stone chosen. We arrived at the choice of the freshwater pearl.

The origin of the pearl begins as an irritant or foreign body unwanted by the oyster. In an attempt to rid itself of the irritant, the oyster begins a process of layering of substances that will wall off the foreign body. As the oyster does this, an amazing transformation occurs. During a process that takes an average of four years, the oyster transforms this ugly foreign body into a precious gem that is highly sought after and desired.

This is our family's desire for trey's foundation. We hope to take the tragedy of his loss of life and wrap it in layers of love presenting it back to the world as a gem of hope to those in need.

We have chosen the freshwater pearl in particular because we will give any proceeds raised by the sales of these pieces of jewelry to bring fresh water to communities in third world countries who do not have access to clean drinking water. Five million die annually because of a lack of clean water...1.5 million of those are children younger than age of 5. The necklaces average from $20 to $50, and the bracelets from $10-$20.

Our hope is to bring good to others through our tragedy. Although trey lost his life by an accident on the water, we intend to give life to others by providing them with a clean supply of “fresh water”.
Thank you for your generous support.


“And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.”

Matthew 10:42

(approximate average cost)

Drilling well including casing $3000

Consulting fees (engineers etc.) $715

Concrete Work $405

Pump purchase and installation $675

See areas with clean water.

We hope to take the tragedy of Trey’s loss of life and wrap it in layers of love, presenting it back to the world as a gem of hope to those in need.